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Some of the Free Entry places in England that you can visit without paying for a ticket – all you need is the knowledge

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English Family Entry Attractions, Heritage Sites, Events,
Museums, Galleries. Listed by county. Free things to do with Kids

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England - Home Page

Welcome to England a country of great contrast. You will meet so much diversity here both in the places you go to and in the people you meet.

In this section you'll find information about places to visit in England where you don't have to pay for ticket entry. Free Entry Museums, Galleries, Visitor Attractions, Country Parks and more. Browse destinations by county with our navigation bar above. Plan your holiday or visit around Free Entry places and you can save a small fortune!

Entrance fees to national museums across the country were officially scrapped on 1 December 2001 but the idea formed one of Tony Blair's 'New' Labour's first election pledges.

In 1997, a number of museums, including the British Museum, said they were considering charging visitors to permanent exhibitions in order to meet spiralling costs which they have done.

The National Arts Collections Fund warned that unless more money was found others would follow "like a falling house of cards" prompting widespread fear that Free Entry into the country's national museums would become a thing of the past.

Over 10 years later we are pleased to see that Free MUSEUM ENTRY is growing, rather than shrinking!

Before Free admission, we used to spend between £4 for children and £6 for an adult.

The number of visitors virtually doubled in the first year after Free admissions were introduced and has been sustained that year on year.

Average annual attendance each year before entry was made Free was around 210,000.

This year we hope that this will at least break the half-million barrier.

In places like Manchester, which has some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the country, they've really seen a noticeable increase in the diversity of museum visitors as well.

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Below this line, in the grey area, we are adding alternative days out to the Free listings that DoFreeStuff is renowned for. This is to help you plan your family days out. The attractions listed below make a charge for admission!


Map of the counties of England CLICK HERE

Every effort has been made to make sure that the information contained in this Directory is accurate. Do be aware, however, that conditions of entry etc. can change at short notice and that telephone numbers and personalities may change also. We are very grateful to all who have contributed listings, who have provided details and additional images for use on www.DoFreeStuff.com. No responsibility can be accepted for errors. Please advise us of any corrections to be incorporated in the next update.

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Free Entry Attractions, Heritage Sites,
Events, Museums or Galleries.

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