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Carnivals and Some of the free entry places in the UK and Northern Ireland that you can visit without paying for a ticket – all you need is the knowledge

Carnivals and Free Entry - Attractions, Heritage Sites, Events,
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The Social Networks Born in Free Bingo

 For many in today’s world, it can seem as though there is a breakdown of community spirit.

The traditional social groups of old melt away in what is increasingly becoming a global culture. Yet there are sources from which we can take heart, for as every door closes another one opens, and one such possibility for community interaction is emanating from an unlikely source: free bingo.

Meeting friends online is not necessarily a new concept for us. Social networking groups have brought with them an increased awareness of both marketing and social possibilities. While Bebo is on the verge of collapse, Facebook is exactly the opposite. It is therefore little surprise that every bingo provider contains a link on its site to its Facebook page, where regular players have a chance to “meet” for real and discuss the jackpot action in a further expanse than within the limitations of the chat rooms within each bingo provider.

In this way, bingo opens players up to a social network of literally thousands of like-minded people. We are constantly warned by authorities (not least, those running Facebook themselves) that when using the site we must take care who we accept as a friend. Already having a chance to chat with other players over a few round of their favourite bingo game and then finding their user name on Facebook is essentially removing the awkwardness that is potentially involved with meeting new people for the first time.

Sensing this greasing of the social cogs, bingo providers have instigated games in which players are actively encouraged to meet new people. Events such as “Singles Games” and “Valentine’s Jackpot” are just a few of the ideas that have recently sprung into action, offering players the opportunity to score more than one jackpot.

On this last point, there seems to be no limit to how romantically successful the community of bingo can be. There have been several cases reported in the news – both on- and offline – of players who have met in bingo chat rooms, gotten together (perhaps in an offline bingo hall where they could relax in the knowledge that their partner is guaranteed to enjoy themselves) and gone on to be married.. To be both lucky in love and lucky in the bingo hall could not only provide players with the beautiful gift of marriage, but it could also pay for the wedding and honeymoon to boot.

Below this line, in the grey area, we are adding alternative days out to the free listings that DoFreeStuff is renowned for. This is to help you plan your family days out. The events listed below make a charge for admission!


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Every effort has been made to make sure that the information contained in this Directory is accurate. Do be aware, however, that conditions of entry etc. can change at short notice and that telephone numbers and personalities may change also. We are very grateful to all who have contributed listings, who have provided details and additional images for use on www.DoFreeStuff.com. No responsibility can be accepted for errors. Please advise us of any corrections to be incorporated in the next update.

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Free Entry Attractions, Heritage Sites,
Events, Museums or Galleries.

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